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Magic Video Wall

by Florian Wesch <>
Plays videos and images across multiple arbitrarily placed screens

HD Image/Video Player

by Florian Wesch <>
Displays images and videos in a rotation

Reception Screen

by Florian Wesch <>
Shows textual/image and video information for a reception-style information screen.

Scheduled Player beta

by Florian Wesch <>
A schedulable playlist player with custom pages, plugins and animations

Video Wall Image/Video Player

by Florian Wesch <>
Displays images and videos on multiple screens arranged in a grid.

Screen Info

by Florian Wesch <>
Shows information about the current device on the screen. This makes it easy to see which screen is which.

Power Saver

by Florian Wesch <>
Powers down the screen at configurable times. Add to any of your Setups.

Screen Installation Instructions

by Florian Wesch <>
Show useful information on a screen for your installation crew

Media on freely arranged screens

by Florian Wesch <>
Plays videos and images on a virtual space covered with as many screens as you like

Flexible Grid Video Wall

by Florian Wesch <>
Plays videos and images on precisely arranged screens

Live Streaming beta

by Florian Wesch <>
Play from various internet stream sources. Experimental

Remote Triggered Video Player

by Florian Wesch <>
Start video on demand

Multicast Video Streamer beta

by Florian Wesch <>
Records video using the camera module and multicasts it to the local network as RTP

Animated background pattern

Background pattern created for the 31c3 conference in Hamburg

Shader Example

Minimal Example for a non-configurable node

Flickr Image Group Viewer

Shows flickr group images in a rotation

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