World Class Support

info-beamer hosted - support you can rely on

We know our system inside and out

We've build the complete info-beamer hosted digital signage system. This includes the complete operating system, the playback software and of course this website. There's no part of the system that we don't fully understand. This allows us to offer you world class support on all aspects of our service. We strive to respond very fast to all your requests and you might even get an in-depth response after 10 minutes.

We built the complete info-beamer hosted from scratch and as a result have in-depth knowledge of every part of the system. We can offer you exceptional support as a result.

We can help with your digital signage project

We have been in the digital signage business for the Raspberry Pi for more than 10 years now and have seen all kinds of customer projects. We can offer you all the support you'll need to ensure a successful project.

We don't just help with basic questions. We can also provide highly technical and solution oriented help for any digital signage project you might think of.

We can help you with a wide variety of topics:

  • Help with setting up the hardware and installing our operating system.
  • Migration from an existing system into info-beamer hosted.
  • Guidance on using our ready-to-use solutions that solve a wide range of digital signage use cases already.
  • Custom development work for your unique use cases. We've a lot of experience and can deliver results faster than you might expect.
  • Help with building a fully automated digital signage system or with integrating existing content into your digital signage project automatically.

What customers say

Thank you in advance for your support and very awesome service.
Info beamer is awesome. I love it. Reason why , I am inspired to write this email to you.
Thank you for your very quick answer. That helps me very much! Thank you!
Thanks for fast reply. It seems that I wasn't patient enough. Tried again, but waited a bit longer for temp WiFi and everything worked like a charm. Thanks.
I really like InfoBeamer.. it's very neat. I'm looking forward to use it in production [...]. Every day I discover something new and exceptional!