An easy dashboard

info-beamer hosted - an easy to use interface

Quick to pick up

When you sign up we provide you with a screen tour that guides you through our digital signage service. You'll be able to set up your first devices in a couple of minutes!

Help tour

Easily manage your assets

We have a file browser that allows you to manage your assets like videos, images and more. Asset browser

Create content

You can easily import any of our digital signage solutions into your account or even build your own solution. They all need to be configured and all solutions have an easy to use configuration interfaces for that.

Setup editor

Know the status of your devices

You can instantly see what all your devices are doing. You can see whether devices are online, notification of problems and more.


Control individual devices

You can manage individual devices, see their current output and status, change their configuration and verify their health status.

Device detail page