High performance

info-beamer hosted - reliable signage player

Our custom player software

info-beamer initially started as a low-level pure player software ("info-beamer pi") without any service or operating system offering around it. As such it was only usable by very technical customers. We quickly realized that we can add a lot of value by wrapping it into an easy to use service - info-beamer hosted is the result. It retains all the benefits and makes them easy to use.

Fully hardware accelerated

Our digital signage player software can render content with a perfect 60 frames per second. You can build animations or transitions that are impossible with any other commercial solution for the Pi.

We can create smooth and animated content no other system for the Pi can. Our unique player technology makes that possible.

4K and FullHD videos playback

Of course you can play videos. Not only that: You can animate them for transitions, zoom or even rotate them thanks to our fully hardware accelerated player software.

On the Pi4 and Pi5 our player software also supports 4K HEVC videos decoding and dual display output. Thanks to the fact the we build our own player software and deep technological knowledge of Pi internals we have been the first service worldwide to offer these exciting features on the Pi4.

Video streaming

Our player software can stream video from various sources. You can even build multicast streaming solutions with our technology. Or course while freely mixing live streams with other content. Be sure to contact us if you want to learn more about streaming.

Integrate with other system

You can easily integrate your visual output with events from other systems. Switch output with the press of a physical button? Sure! Send out events for successful playback of a video? No problem! Switch between your content if someone uses their screens remote control? Of course! We're a a true platform and allow you to create content that isn't possible with any other solution.

Multi screen content

Due to the precise control it's possible to build content that seamlessly works across multiple devices. Be it video walls or other content that uses multiple displays. Our advanced player software allows you to build awesome content.

Gapless video playback

You can create content that seamlessly plays videos. It's possible to avoid any visual gaps and precisly control the output.

Save costs by powering off the display

info-beamer hosted allows you to save costs by automatically saving power during the night. It will even power off the attached HDMI display and turn it back on in the morning thanks to full CEC support.

Automatically turning off your screens at night might save you a lot of money over time.