Why info-beamer pi is awesome

High performance rendering at 60 frame per second
No other program on the PI will reach the same performance while being as simple to use. info-beamer uses the PI to its limits. No browser based solution can archive smoothly scrolling text while smoothly animating transitions of content.
Smooth animation of videos, images and text
There is no other programs for the Raspberry PI that comes close to the features info-beamer offers: Fully animatable videos (you can scale, rotate or move them while they are playing). Fully background loading of resources and exact control over video playback which allows seamless switching between videos.
Dynamic reloading of changed or added resources
info-beamer makes it incredibly easy to build dynamic visualizations that change their content over time. The ability to react to changed files allows you keep your displayed content up-to-date in just a few lines of code. So you never have to check for new images, videos. You will be notified instantly if any file changes, is added or removed. This also makes it easy to deploy updated content to the devices running info-beamer. Often using rsync is more than enough: There is no need to restart info-beamer or even make it aware of updated files - it's all done for you automatically.
Easy integration with existing tools/infrastructure
There is no need for a complete rewrite of all your existing software to use info-beamer. Instead you can use your favourite programming language and tooling to generate data that can be easily consumed by info-beamer. Every software can generate JSON after all. Then use the power of info-beamer to display the data in the best way possible.
Rapid development through live coding
If you have never used any form of live coding before, prepare to be amazed. Seeing changes you make to code instantly will change how you approach development of software: Don't imagine what a changed line of code would do to the output - see it instantly! Experimenting and optimizing the visualization through code can be fun.
Stable platform. Existing code will run in future versions
When you develop a visualization you want to be sure that it will be runnable in the future. The info-beamer API was carefully designed and didn't have any breaking changes so far. Code that was written years ago will still work with the latest version. Often you even get an increase of performance for free.
Reliable runtime. The same visualization can run for months without problems
info-beamer has been developed very carefully to avoid problems like memory leaks or any other problem that might force you to restart info-beamer after a while. If your visualization is running smoothly now, you know that it will stay that way. There is no need for things like a nightly reboot.