An flexible solution

info-beamer hosted - a flexible solution

We can power your digital signs

Our digital signage platform is highly flexible. We can solve your digital signage vision thanks to our open platform approach. Here is what some of our customers run on info-beamer.

Video walls

You can make multiple Pis, each with their own screen, work together to create various video wall setups. Present your content in a format that impresses your customers.


Museum installations

Show information to visitors or run exhibits with info-beamer. Create interactive installations with touch screens or other interactive devices.


Cinema signage

Create trailer screens or automated signs guiding your customers to their seats. All fully automated and integrated into your point-of-sale system.


Restaurant menu boards

Showcase what your restaurant offers. You can freely mix images with videos and of course schedule everything automatically.

Menu boards

Transportation signage

Create your own ad network on screens at stops or inside vehicles. info-beamer hosted can reliably show your content no matter where.

Transportation ©

Conference information

Present information about talks and events on conferences. Automate your signs so you have more free time during the conference.

Conference signage

Your signs - often just a few clicks away!

Your screen

Use our friendly and responsive support to learn how we can help you build the digital signage solution you need or start diving into our system yourself. We have a lot of solutions you can install with a single click.