We help you run professional cloud-based Digital Signage installations using the Raspberry Pi. Simple, secure and affordable. Control any number of devices from any location with our web dashboard or API. Our platform handles the hard problems while you can concentrate on creating content.

Our player software is the most advanced on the Raspberry Pi and offers unique features including dual display playback and HEVC videos up to 4K on the Raspberry Pi4 and Pi5.

Easy installation

Solving digital signage for you

Our digital signage platform can be more than just a playlist player. We can solve almost any signage use case you might have: Need automated signs for your cinema? A video wall? Interactive touch panels in a museum? Geo-fenced content in a transportation environment? Or information signs for conferences? Whatever it might be: Our system can handle it. Often out-of-the box and with a just few clicks.

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Raspberry Pi

Run affordable signage installations thanks to the Raspberry Pi

info-beamer hosted uses the well known Raspberry Pi microcomputer. You bring your own devices and can purchase supported hardware from local retailers. This saves costs and time compared to more specialized hardware. All Raspberry Pi versions including the Pi4 and soon Pi5, all Pi3 and Pi2 models, all Pi Zero models and Compute Module 3/4 are supported.

Reduce signage costs
Easy installation

Set up a signage screen in minutes

You need absolutely no knowledge of the Raspberry Pi, Linux or networking to run your digital signs. We've made things incredibly easy for you. All you have to do is copy a few files to an empty SD card. That's all. An installation can be completed in less than a minute. Our operating system does the rest! You manage your digital signage devices through a simple web interface.

How to set up a device
Great support

Support you can rely on

We have 10 years experience running digital signage installations based on the Raspberry Pi all over the world. We love to help you bring your installation online. From initial guidance to long term support to keep things running smoothly. We're there for you. Always!

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A dashboard

Easily manage any number of devices

You are in complete control. Edit schedules, upload new content, add or modify devices- all with our easy to use web interface. There is no limit on how many devices you can manage. You are always in complete control of your digital signage installation.

Our cloud dashboard
Security first

Secure by default

Our solution is designed for maximum security from the start. Each device is firewalled, all content is cryptographically signed and all data transfer between you, our service and your devices is always encrypted. We have extensive information on our approach to security in our documentation.

How we approach security
Greate Video wall features

Easily build your own video walls or synchronized screens without additional hardware

Thanks to our unique playback software you can easily create impressive video wall or synced playback installations. No special hardware or network setup is required. You can literally create a video wall in minutes!

Learn how you can set up a video wall
Full documentation

Complete documentation

We provide you with extensive and complete documentation regarding all aspects of our product. You'll be a digital signage expert in no time! If you want to keep up to date with new exciting features you can also follow our blog or twitter.

We provide extensive documentation
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A stable system

Our system lets you sleep at night

We specifically optimized every bit of our operating sytem to be the most reliable digital signage system available for the Raspberry Pi. It does regular self checks, automatically repairs eventual problems and is guaranteed to survive random power loss. It also updates itself so you always have the latest version running. Once set up, you'll never have to think about your devices. Our operating system just quietly does its job. And it's good at it.

Maximum device robustness
Open platform

No limits: Build any solution on our open platform

info-beamer hosted is highly extensible. You're not limited by what we offer out-of-the-box. If you want you or we can build custom digital signage solutions solving your exact use case on our platform. It was specifically designed for that from the very start and will make your programmers or integrators happy. We support common developer workflows, so you can even git push code into our platform or fully automate your signs using our deeply integrated API. We already handle over 700K API calls each day. The best thing: You pay nothing extra and can start right away.

A true signage platform and API
High performance

High performance and predictability

Your signs will just work - there are no crashes or error messages. We put a lot of work into our custom playback software and highly optimized it for the Pi. You can create animated and dynamic content that no other digital signage solution on the Pi offers.

Our own advanced signage player
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