A fully documented system

info-beamer hosted - fully documented

Everything you need to get started

We have all the documentation you'll need to successfully start using our info-beamer hosted service. From setting up the hardware, installing the software and connecting your Pi to your account. But that's not all. We also provide you with hint on how to set up a reliable device and of course how to configure everything for your environment.

We don't hide useful information behind contracts or extra costs. Everything you'll ever need to know is available right now and totally free.

An on-screen tour

We help you get started with a tour we prepared. It guides you through our service and helps you set up your first digital signage Pi and content. Help tour

Help for our individual solutions

We're a true digital signage platform. As such we can run various digital signage apps we call packages. We provide a lot of them in our solution store. All of them bring their own documentation. Package documentation

Want to dig deeper?

We provide full developer documentation that helps you understand how to build your own packages including a full reference guide. Of course you can also learn exactly how our player software works, so you can build your own digital signage solutions.

Learn from our code

Most of our signage solutions are open source and you can directly learn how they work on github. info-beamer on github

Follow our blog and twitter

We have a blog that introduces new features and covers various interesting topic from detailed posts about new features, new hardware we support to fairly technical posts about using our digital signage service.

Our @infobeamer twitter account is the best way to see what we and others do with info-beamer hosted and learn about new features.

Join the community

We have our own community forum where you can joined the discussion with other users and get support for any kind of challenge you might run into.