A stable system

info-beamer hosted - an open platform

A truly open platform

info-beamer hosted is a platform. And that isn't just a label we added to make us sound fancy. Instead our service was build to be extensible from the very start. All the solutions we offer use our digital signage platform as their runtime environment. If you want you can modify most of them as their source is freely available on github.com.

We're future proof: You can use our digital signage system without using any of the advanced platform features. But it's good to have them if you want to build more advanced content later.

We are the king of integration

We are way more than the usual sophisticated playlist-as-a-service. You can build almost anything and easily integrate your digital signs into your existing infrastructure. Starting from updating your signs automatically using our REST-API to deploying additional services on your devices that talk to other system. Often integration is easier than you might think as we designed our platform for that. As an example: Uploading an asset with an existing filename overwrites the existing asset and instantly distributes the new version to all devices that use it. Sometimes a single curl command is all you need for automation.

We invite you to contact us to share your digital signage project vision. We can help you realize it.

Build your own solution

We empower you to build custom solutions on our platform. You can put your source code on github or in a private repository and import it into our platform in various ways. With a few clicks you can roll it out to any of your devices. Changes you make to your code can be instantly distributed to all your devices - if you want. Fully programmable

Complete documentation

A platform is useless if it is not documented. So we made sure to provide great documentation on how to get started, create visual content, use all features and automated our signs. And of course there's a lot of example code to learn from.

We make your IT people happy

It's possible to build code in your favorite IDE and directly push code to us using git:

$ git push info-beamer master
We provide you with useful error messages and automatically verify your code for semantic correctness. Our system was designed for a great developer experience. info-beamer hosted + git You can monitor your devices and get an insight on what they are doing using our API. This is great for integration with an existing monitoring system.

A complete easy-to-use REST-API

Everything you can do in our dashboard can be fully automated using our full featured API. Change device content, update assets like image and videos, change the configuration of devices or running setups. A complete integration into other systems and full automation is possible.

Rapid development

We allow you to rapidly develop new content using our dev-mode feature. Save changes in your editor and immediately see the result on your development Raspberry Pi device. This rapid feedback cycle enables you to get results in a no time.

Code sharing

If you want you can even create solutions that other customers can import into their info-beamer account with a single click. We don't limit you in any way, so you might even sell those custom solutions.

Lots of example code

We open source a lot of the packages we build for our customers. You can check out our github page to learn how we build solutions like the HD Image/Video Player package: Here is its complete source code.

Some custom signage solutions based on info-beamer


Example use case:
Conference info system

info-beamer hosted has powered multiple conferences since 2012. It guides visitors to the different rooms, provides information about rooms and shows upcoming talks.

A separate set of screens show a realtime twitter stream as well as other relevant information about the conference. Learn more about a recent setup.

Conference installation

Here is what an installation looks like:


Example use case:
Live content / Twitter Wall

info-beamer hosted can display almost any content. Major installations use info-beamer to mix curated content and present it in an interesting way.
Package that handles Twitter or other social media sources can be freely mixed with custom playlists of images and videos.


Example use case:
Public Transport Infotainment

info-beamer hosted can by easily adapted to handle almost any content feed. One approach is to preprocess an existing content feed, write a visualization package that can display the content and then use the info-beamer hosted platform to publish the content to as many devices as you need - quickly and reliably.

Infotainment installation

Here is what an installation looks like: