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The Digital Signage Toolkit for the Raspberry Pi

The core piece of technology that powers info-beamer hosted as a standalone program. No UI, no OS, just pure code.

info-beamer pi is a specially crafted version of the info-beamer open source software for all Raspberry Pi Versions including the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi3 and Pi4. It is the most powerful digital signage player software currently available for the Raspberry Pi and the base technology for the info-beamer hosted service.

Hardware Accelerated

Hardware Accelerated

info-beamer pi is optimized for the Pi. It uses hardware decoding for H.264 videos. Play fullscreen 1080p videos. The rendering is done in hardware using OpenGL ES 2.0. You won't get this performance from browser based solutions!
Power consumption

Save Costs and Energy

The Raspberry Pi is low cost credit card sized computer with a bright future. Running info-beamer pi on a Pi 24x7 requires around 700mA (3.5 W). This translates to around 6€ per year.

Trivial Installation

Installation is very easy. No need to install complex dependencies. info-beamer is only a single binary that uses libraries that the default Linux (Raspbian) provides out of the box.
Lua powered

Fully Scriptable

There is almost no limit on what you can display. Everything can be customized using the Lua programming Language. Remote control your visualization from any other programming language using TCP/UDP. Learn why it's awesome!

Documentation, Examples and Support

info-beamer pi is fully documented. Sample code is available to get you started. If you need help or even need a custom visualization developed don't hesitate to get in contact.

Active Development

info-beamer is getting better all the time - while still staying compatible to older versions. Benefit from performance improvements and added features that make it easier to control your visualizations.
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Get started in 3 Steps

Getting started is easy if you already have a Raspberry Pi with the default Raspbian Linux available to you.

Step 1

Download info-beamer pi
(free for private use only)
  Learn more about pricing

Step 2

Make sure your Pi is up to date and all required packages are installed. With Raspbian Jessie (see README.txt for other versions) that's:

  root@pi:~$ apt-get update
  root@pi:~$ apt-get install libevent-2.0-5 libavformat56 \
                 libpng12-0 libfreetype6 libavresample2

Step 3

Copy the download to your Raspberry Pi. Then unpack it and run one of the provided examples.

  root@pi:~$ tar xf info-beamer-pi-
  root@pi:~$ cd info-beamer-pi
  root@pi:~/info-beamer-pi$ cat README.txt
  root@pi:~/info-beamer-pi$ ./info-beamer samples/shader

You should see the sample in action. It is your first step to building awesome visualizations based on info-beamer! Learn how..

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Pricing for the info-beamer pi software

info-beamer pi is the most powerful Digital Signage player software for the Raspberry Pi. You can download your free version for private use right now. Consult the following pricing table if you intend to use the software outside of your home. Learn why it's worth every cent or about the different licenses.

Private Version
(info-beamer pi)

For private, non-public use only

Programming required

Foundation for your own service

Runnable on Raspbian

Customizable with Lua scripting

Hardware accelerated for performance

Seamless video looping

Free updates

Required branding: small logo

for private use

Commercial Version
(info-beamer pi)

For commercial use

Programming required

Foundation for your own service

Runnable on Raspbian

Customizable with Lua scripting

Hardware accelerated for performance

Seamless video looping

Free updates

No branding required

Request a quote for your use case

Digital Signage Service (info-beamer hosted)

The powerful digital signage platform for the Pi

Programming optional

Fully info-beamer pi compatible - runs your existing info-beamer code

Robust operating system optimized for digital signage

Web dashboard for administration

Easy to install in 5 minutes

OS Updates for security and features

No branding required

Around 7.75 € * per device per month

* All prices without taxes. Depending on your location and business type, taxes might be added during checkout. Learn more.
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Where to go from here?

Make sure to have a look at the README.txt provided in the info-beamer pi download. To learn more about programming visualizations take a look at the documentation. Learn more about licensing info-beamer pi for commercial use.

Need support?

If you have any questions please get in contact. I'd love to answer your questions and help you get started.

Learn about possible use cases

Have a look at what info-beamer can do. You need a video wall? Be inspired by a lot of example code.

Don't want to code yourself?

Try info-beamer hosted! Using the fully managed service you can now control your info-beamer based visualizations easier than ever. Install prepared visualizations with the click of a button on your devices. Upload assets like images and videos and have them distributed instantly. Change settings using a web based interface.

Running info-beamer code won't get easier than that!

Learn more