Pricing information for software and services offers two different products: You can download the Digital Signage player software for the Raspberry Pi (info-beamer pi). It allows you to build your own digital sign but requires programming skills and Linux experience. If you need an easy solution to show your content on as many screens as you wish you can use the info-beamer hosted service instead. It's easy to set up and manage without prior knowledge of the Pi, Linux or programming.

Recommended if you're a programmer and want to reinvent the wheel.

Standalone Software
(info-beamer pi)

For programmers/integrators

Highly flexible software to integrate into your own product

Programming is required: There is no dashboard, no device management, just a black screen by default

Solid foundation - info-beamer pi is battle tested and never crashes

Raspbian compatible and easy to install without complex dependencies

Free version available for testing purposes

Request a quote for your use case

Recommended if you want an easy way to control and show content on your displays.

Digital Signage Service
(info-beamer hosted)

The powerful cloud based digital signage platform

A superset of info-beamer pi - run your existing info-beamer pi code easier than ever before

Solves the hard problems - run your code reliably on any number of devices with the click of a button

Web based configuration for easy control of devices and content

Ready-to-use packages for your digital signage needs. Easily extendable

Fully programmable in Lua (on the device) or through an https REST API

Any number of devices. Start with one or scale to thousands of devices

Embraces programming - you can even git push your code to the platform

Pay-as-you-go pricing only depending on usage. The service scales with your needs

FREE 1 device 1 GB storage + 7.75 € * or less ** per additional device per month

* All prices without taxes. Depending on your location and business type, taxes might be added during checkout. Learn more.
** Increased usage allows you to purchase credits at discounted rates of up to 25%.