About is a Service provided by inlua GmbH & Co. KG. A digital signage solution for the Raspberry Pi that can do more (if you want) than only displaying content in a loop. We have 5 years of experience running digital signage on the Raspberry Pi and love to help you get your screens up and running!


Feel free to get in contact if you have questions or suggestions. Make sure to follow the tips in reporting problems below.

Our email address for support / sales is

We speak English and German, so feel free to use either language in your emails.

Community Support

Please use the info-beamer Community Forums for free support

We're also monitoring and answering questions there, so you'll get your answer at least as quickly as contacting us by email directly.

Commercial Support

Commercial support for info-beamer products is available on request. We've successfully completed various projects together with customers. If you have a digital signage related problem, don't hesitate to get in contact.

If you have purchased a commercial license for info-beamer pi or are using the info-beamer hosted service, we provide limited free support if you have occational questions about using the software or the service. If you require continued support or custom development, please get in contact.

Reporting problems

If you have any problem, it helps to provide as much information as possible. If have a problem with info-beamer pi, please include the console output of info-beamer pi by running it with the INFOBEAMER_LOG_LEVEL=3 environment variable set. These logs helps me understand your runtime environment and hopefully help me see the cause of the problem. If possible, create a zip file of the complete node directory and upload the zip file to a secure file sharing service (for example Dropbox) and send me a link where I can download it. That way I can try to reproduce the problem locally.

If you want to report a problem with the info-beamer website, please also include as much detail as possible, so we can reproduce the problem. Security related reports are more than welcome, but we can't offer a bug bounty for those at the moment.


info-beamer started as a small software project I (Florian Wesch, founder of wrote when I volunteered to use a public projector (called a "Beamer" in german) to show information to the visitors of a small conference. I wanted to have a software that allowed me to change content, edit code and add/remove content while the software is running. So basically a highly scriptable live coding environment with a simple API.

I didn't find anything that could do that. So I wrote my own tool. info-beamer was born. Since I got quite a few requests about using the Raspberry Pi to show info-beamer content, I started porting the software while using the various hardware features the Pi provides.

info-beamer pi was available a few months after I started work on it. I sold licenses for it and customers often asked about a simpler digital signage solution for the Pi. While info-beamer pi could do all the things requested, it also required quite a bit of programming and experience to make it work reliable.

In early 2014 I started working on info-beamer hosted: A service to simplify deployment, configuration and development of Pi based digitial signage. It's the result of almost 4 years of running various installations using info-beamer.

Now you can use this experience too. Hope you enjoy it!

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