Artista IoT starter kit board

info-beamer hosted on Artista IoT


The Artista IoT board is full TFT controller board with the ability to use the Pi Compute Module to drive the output. You can build or buy a ready-to-use displays with a Pi built-in! No more external cases or additional cables leading to your screen. Everything is included. Various screen sizes from 7" to 65" are possible! Learn more...

info-beamer hosted works great on the Artista IoT board. All you need to do is flash the info-beamer hosted OS system image and power up your display!


The info-beamer hosted system is the most advanced digital signage solution for the Raspberry Pi and the Pi Compute Module. Here's a small except of what info-beamer hosted can do for you:

  • Hardware accelerated playback of FullHD videos.
  • Perfectly smooth animations with full hardware support.
  • A powerful web dashboard to manage one or thousands of devices.
  • Automatic system and security updates.
  • Programmatic control using APIs for complete automation.
  • The most robust operating system with built-in self-healing.
  • ...and a lot more


Download info-beamer hosted OS system image (img.gz)

Connect a mini-USB cable to the connector labeled USB BOOT, then flash the info-beamer hosted OS onto the Compute Module. Follow the instructions on the Raspberry Pi documentation site to learn how that is done.

Your Artista-IoT device is ready. Remove the USB cable and power cycle the device. info-beamer hosted is installed. That's all. Get in contact with support if you need help or have questions about using Artista IoT with info-beamer hosted.