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info-beamer hosted on Artista-IoT

Posted Nov 04 2017 by Florian Wesch

info-beamer hosted fully supports the Artista-IoT TFT controller board by Data Display.

What is the Artista-IoT controller board?

Data Display is offering something unique with the Artista-IoT controller board: The board hosts a Raspberry Pi Compute Module and makes it possible to directly connect to a wide range of TFT panels.

As the raw board on its own wouldn't be particularly useful for most users, Data Display offers a wide variety of preassembled kits with screen sizes of (currently) up to 65". You get a true plug & play solution: Just connect power and your display is up and running. Here's a preassembled 10.4" screen. The Artista-IoT board is hidden in the black box on the back side of the screen.

Since the panel type isn't fix, there's really a screen for every use case: Different casing, panel types and sizes are available. The result is a highly flexible plug & play solution that allows you to a choose the perfect display hardware and use the Raspberry Pi powered info-beamer hosted system to control and manage your digital signs.

What is the Compute Module?

In 2014 the Pi Foundation introduced a new Raspberry Pi form factor: The Compute Module. It is a lot smaller and is meant to be embedded into other hardware. For that it uses the standard DDR2 SODIMM connector. Hardware vendors like Data Display can use the Compute Module to build their own controller board.

The big advantage when using a display with integrated Compute module is that you don't need extra hardware, cables or power adapters: You simply install your screens and everything is already included and ready to show your content. It's the perfect solution for a professional digital signage installation.

Digital Signage with the Artista IoT

The Artista-IoT board combined with info-beamer hosted is a robust solution for Digital Signage on the Raspberry Pi. The board itself is passively cooled and is completely silent, even while playing highly complex content or FullHD videos. Thanks to the robust info-beamer operating system you'll be able to create displays with 24/7 reliability. The wide variety of different TFT options makes it possible to choose the perfect combination that fits your use case. Narrow Bezel panels, for example, allow you to easily build awesome video walls when combined with the various video wall options of info-beamer hosted.

Software Installation

info-beamer hosted provides a custom Linux operating system to run your digital signage displays with the Raspberry Pi. Installation on the Artista-IoT board is easy to do. You can follow the steps given here.

If you have an Artista IoT board with Raspbian pre-installed the easiest way is to replace the installation with info-beamer hosted by just overwriting the boot files in /boot with the files from the info-beamer hosted installation zip file. The next time the device boots it will directly boot into info-beamer hosted. Have a look at the documentation for that or get in contact with support. We're happy to help you get started! Don't worry, we made sure that installing info-beamer hosted is incredibly simple.

Once info-beamer hosted is installed you just need to connect your display to the internet through Ethernet or WiFi and you're ready to go. The info-beamer hosted system will work exactly the same as before: You can manage all displays from the central dashboard or through the REST API.


If you're looking for professional digital signage displays powered by the Raspberry Pi, the Artista IoT controller is a great option and is now fully supported by info-beamer hosted. Be sure to contact us or Data Display to discuss your requirements.

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