info-beamer hosted - easy to install

3 minute hardware installation

There are various options for running the info-beamer hosted digital signage system. The easiest is running on a normal Raspberry Pi directly. Setting up the hardware is really easy and we provide you with full documentation on assembling a Raspberry Pi.

Absolutely no hardware or Raspberry Pi knowledge is required.

You don't need any hardware knowledge or special knowledge about the Pi. Putting together the case and then connecting the Pi to your TV and powering it on is as simple as connecting any other device to a screen. You'll have your first digital signage screen ready in a few minutes!

3 minute software installation

You don't have to know anything about Linux or complicated flashing procedures. You just have to copy a few files.

We've made the software installation process incredibly easy and fast. There's no need for additional SD flashing software or a time consuming installation process. Instead you just unzip a single ZIP file to an empty SD card. The total install size is less than 50MB so that usually only takes a couple of seconds. That's all! You can then insert the SD into your Pi and connect power. The rest happens through our easy web interface. Control all your digital signage devices from anywhere!

That's all. Your device is ready!

The welcome screen