Scheduled Player beta

Scheduled Playlist with Animations

This package allows you to create scheduled content with custom animations. It will be the default package for all info-beamer customers in the future. Right now it's still very much in development.

Configuration Screen

Once you install this package, create a new setup by clicking the Create Setup button. You'll end up in the setup configuration page that allows you to configure your setup.

Configuring a Setup


Alpha Release

This package is not ready for production usage yet. Things might still change and as a result setups based on this package might require additional work later. But we're happy that you want to try out this package and see what the future of info-beamer hosted will offer. Feedback is always welcome:


Got feedback? Don't hesitate to get on contact with info-beamer support here:

Version beta9

  • Updated Twitter API client to load longer tweets.

Version beta8

  • Fixed incorrect handling of hour based schedules.
  • Made 'Simulate Time' feature use the selected timezone instead of UTC.

Version beta7

Warning: The plugins feature has been removed and setups that used this feature will require reconfiguration.

  • Added Layout feature. Allows you to define a base layout that you can then reuse in all pages.
  • More Interface Cleanups. Still not very good, but we're getting there. Feedback welcome!
  • More precise layout as you can now manually specify coordinates
  • Interactivity: Use a connected Keyboard to cycle or jump to individual pages

Version beta6

  • Added debug mode that only shows a single page on repeat
  • Added Markdown support.

Version beta5

  • Compact view for playlist editing. Rapidly create pages by just dragging assets to the playlist
  • Slightly improved asset search.

Version beta4

  • Avoid using new JS syntax to make it more compatible with older browsers
  • Added icon

Version beta3

  • Added Timespan based scheduling

Version beta2

  • Added support for raw videos and basic animations for images

Version beta1

  • Initial release

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