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Very simple power saving example code. Just add this package to your existing setup and it will automatically power off your screen according its configuration.

Adding this package to your existing setups

First of all you have to install this package. The easiest way is probably to visit the package gallery, select the package and click on Import package in the top right corner. Then go to any of your existing setups. It might look like this:

Before adding the sub package

Click on the Add.. button. A dialog will open:

Adding a sub package

Give your added package a name. Using the name power is a good idea. Then click on the Add button next to the power package.

After adding the package

Your setup configuration screen will now look like this. As you can see the Power Saver package was added as a child Package to your existing package. Now it's time to customize the Power Saver options. Click on the wrench symbol next to the Power Saver button. The interface will show you the options for that package:

Power package options

Select your time zone. Then mark each hour of each weekday. Clicking will toggle between red (the screen of your device will be turned off) and green (the screen will be active). You can keep holding your left mouse button to switch multiple hours at once.


This package will not work offline if the device does not have a correct system time, as it's impossible to turn the display on/off according to the set schedule. The device needs at least NTP access to work. The screen will be turned on until the device managed to fetch a somewhat correct system time

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Compatible devices

pi-1 pi-2 pi-3 pi-4 pi-5 pi-cm1 pi-cm3 pi-cm4 pi-zero pi-zero-2

Offline support

No This package will not work offline: Requires correct system time to decide when to turn on/off displays

Source code for this package

https://github.com/info-beamer/package-power-saver shows you the full source code of this package so you can freely modify it if you want.