Experimental browser for info-beamer hosted

This package allows you to show webpages in a constant rotation. Just add the urls of the pages you want to display and their individual display time:

url list

Advanced settings

JavaScript automation

Certain pages require custom actions after loading. Most of those can probably automated using a short JavaScript snippet that is run in the context of the page/iframe. The Script feature allows you to do just that. Have a look at


for some discussion of how all that works.

Presistent Profile

Usually the browser is started with a disposable user profile. If you restart the Pi or switch between the browser and some other info-beamer setup, all cookies and other browser settings are lost.

Most of the time this is actually beneficial as no data has to be written to the SD card and you can be sure that the browser behaves exactly the same each time.

The persistent profile option allows you to store the chrowser settings on your SD card instead. They then most likely survive Pi restarts and set cookies are persistet.

Note that you need to either restart the setup or your Pi for this setting to have any effect.

Custom certificates

If you use an internal CA for custom SSL certificates, you can add their PEM formatted certificate here. They will then be available to the browser for verification.

Note that you need to either restart the setup or your Pi for this setting to have any effect.


Version 65.cert.3

  • Added timezone support

Version 65.cert.2

  • Devices update their content immediately on config change
  • Fallback page if no url playlist is set
  • Unload previous page after switching to free up memory and CPU

Version 65.cert

  • Added support for custom trusted certificates

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Compatible devices

pi-0 pi-1 pi-2 pi-3 pi-cm1 pi-cm3

Offline support

Maybe This package might work offline: Package provides no offline support information. Also check the information above.