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COVID-19 Package

COVID-19 Pandemic Special Package

Importing this package to your account and assigning it to any of your devices will turn off the attached screen on that device.

Additionally it will also trigger a special temporary billing exception: Devices running this package will not be billed. This allows you to quickly decommision devices temporarily.

This is only a temporary feature and is will be reverted eventually. Be sure to check out the COVID-19 community post for updates.

How to use

  • Import this package into your account.
  • Once imported, click on "Create Setup" and give the setup a name.
  • Assign the setup to any of your devices.
  • The billing system will skip this device when calculating your info-beamer hosted usage.

Version 2020-11-16

  • Delay shutting down the screen for 20 seconds after a reboot. This allows system upgrades to succeed while this package is assigned.

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Compatible devices

pi-1 pi-2 pi-3 pi-4 pi-cm1 pi-cm3 pi-cm4 pi-zero pi-zero-2

Compatible packages

This package can be extended by importing the following packages as well. You can then add the following packages as a child package of COVID-19 Package to get additional features not included in COVID-19 Package itself.

Power Saver

Powers down the screen at configurable times. Add to any of your Setups.

Offline support

Yes This package works offline: Works offline

Source code for this package shows you the full source code of this package so you can freely modify it if you want.