This package is considered obsolete at this point. See below to learn more on how to replace this package.

A hand-drawn weather display



The weather display uses the Wunderground weather API. Create a free account there and copy your API key into this field.


Type in a location and you'll get a dropdown of all possible matches. Select the location you want to display.


Timezone setting used to display the day/night cycle.

Transitioning to other packages

This package is obsolete now as Wunderground shut down their API and this package didn't really integrate into any other packages. The Schedule Player package offers a better option to show a weather forecast and you can freely mix a forecast with other content. Have a look at:

Scheduled Player

by Florian Wesch <>

A schedulable playlist player with custom pages, plugins and animations

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Want to run Weather Display on your Raspberry Pi?

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Source code for this package

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