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Pricing updates and a Free Tier

Posted Oct 16 2017 by Florian Wesch

info-beamer hosted now offers a Free Tier. One device as well as 1GB of storage are now free forever.

Free Tier: 1 device + 1GB of storage

We've been operating the info-beamer hosted service for more than three years now. We've learned a lot about operating the service as well as how customers use it. Plenty of customers start with a single device and experiment with the service. Previously we've offered a starter credit that allowed testing info-beamer hosted for a month. Sometimes this was too short and we've been pretty generous handing out additional credits if required. We're happy to announce that this is no longer required!

Starting today all new and old customers are given a free quota of one free device as well as 1GB of free storage. This means you can run almost any kind of small single screen installation with info-beamer hosted for free. If you exceed those limits, additional devices or storage is charged like before. See here for info-beamer hosted pricing.

Postpaid mode and 25% discount

info-beamer hosted is a prepaid service by default: You add funds to your accounts and all usage of the service exceeding the free tier mentioned above is billed internally. Once you deplete your funds, you'll have to purchase additional credits again to keep your devices running.

We now offer an automated way to charge you: the postpaid mode. Basically your account balance can now be negative. At the end of the month we'll automatically charge your credit card so your account balance returns to zero again. We'll give you a 25% discount on those automated invoices!

If your balance at the end of the month was -100 credits, we'll only charge you 75 € for that. Learn more about automated invoicing.

Price changes in November

We will add new offers to the info-beamer shop starting at November 1st 2017 that augment the changes made above. You can then purchase credits in bundles of 10, 50, 250 and 500 with discounts of 16%, 22% and 25%. The previous bundles will no longer be available then. See the following tables to compare the previous offers with the new offers:

Credits Price (in EUR) Effective discount
Old offers 11 10 9.09%
24 20 16.67%
130 100 23.08%
New offers 10 10 0%
50 42 16%
250 195 22%
500 375 25% (new max discount!)

We feel like these offers are more transparent with regards to the actual discount offered.

We've compared all purchases made in the shop and all existing users can benefit from the changes made:

  • The Free Tier will greatly reduce costs for smaller installations. The savings from the Free Tier more than compensates for the slightly reduced discounts.
  • For large installations the new maximum discount of 25% offers a new way to get more credits for your money.
  • The new automated invoicing allows easy access to a 25% discount, regardless of installation size. All you have to do is request automated invoicing.

If you have any questions or comments about any of the new features or the price changes, feel free to contact us.


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