This package is considered obsolete at this point. See below to learn more on how to replace this package.

Basic Twitter Wall


This is a basic twitter wall that will use the streaming API to collect tweets. The last 10 tweets will be shown on the screen. If there's a media file attached to the tweet it will be downloaded as well and will be shown in the background.


Twitter API Keys

You have to fill those in. Otherwise your device won't be able to use the twitter API. You need to create a new app on Then use the provided API keys to configure this node.

Transitioning to other packages

This package is obsolete now as it didn't really integrate into any other packages. The Schedule Player package offers a better option to show tweets and you can freely mix a our twitter content with other content. Have a look at:

Want to run Twitter Wall on your Raspberry Pi?

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Source code for this package

You can view (and modify) the source code for this package on