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Starts a video upon receiving a remote signal delivered by UDP: Use info-beamer hosted to easily deploy the video to any number of Pis. Then trigger simultaneous video playback from another machine by sending a UDP package to each Pi.


  • Install info-beamer hosted OS on a Pi.
  • Before you boot up the device, add the file /config/bind_address to the first partition of your SD card and put in This will make the info-beamer process running on the device reachable from outside. See also the documentation. If you skip this step, the following commands won't work!
  • If your network has DHCP but doesn't guarantee stable IP addresses, you might want to statically configure your network. See the documentation for that.
  • Import this package (click the button above)
  • Create a setup based on this package and configure the video you want to play.
  • Assign the setup to your device
  • Find out the IP address of your device. You can see the local IP address of each device on the device detail page.

From another machine, if bash is used as a shell (of course replace the IP with the IP of your device):

$ echo root/trigger: > /dev/udp/192.168.1.XXX/4444

This will trigger your video. Additional triggers while the video is playing are ignored and won't restart the video. If you want to abort the current playback (and then later restart it), use

$ echo root/abort: > /dev/udp/192.168.1.XXX/4444

You can of course use any other network capable programming language to send those UDP packets instead of using bash. And there's no reason to just use a single Pi: The more, the better :-)

Other uses

Right now this package requires a custom UDP packet to trigger the video and only one video can be triggered. It wouldn't be too difficult to support the OSC protocol as well. This would allow this package to integrate into existing AV solutions. Get in contact if you're interested in this.

Of course you can also open a ticket if you have other suggestions.

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Compatible devices

pi-0 pi-1 pi-2 pi-3 pi-cm1 pi-cm3

Offline support

Maybe This package might work offline: Package provides no offline support information. Also check the information above.

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