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HEVC/4K Video Demo

info-beamer OS HEVC/4K demo

This package demonstrates 4K and HEVC playback on the Pi4. Right now the HEVC decoder and support for the Pi4 is still work in progress, but this package should demonstrate what will be possible with the info-beamer OS version 11 release.

HEVC support on the Pi4

info-beamer is the world's first 3rd party product and first digital signage product for the Pi4 to support the HEVC video compression codec. This will allow higher resolution videos at smaller size. info-beamer is the first commercial product to support this feature on the Pi4.

4K video support

The HEVC decoder of the Pi4 can theoretically decode videos with a resolution up to 4096x4096 pixels. That's more than enough to decode 4K videos (3840x2160).

Full dual display support

info-beamer is the world's first software on the Pi4 to support dual display decoding for HEVC videos. This will allow you to place a single 3840x1080 video on two FullHD displays for a single two display video wall. Of course other display arrangements will also be possible. See this post to learn more about the default modes available. You can play back HEVC (and H264) content across any of those configurations.

Installing this demo

  • Go to the OS download page, select the testing release and click on the zip file download.
  • Follow the installation instructions and add your Pi4 to your account. Don't worry, that's all incredibly simple and done in 1 minute.
  • Import this package using the button above. Then create a setup based on it and assign it to your Pi4.
  • The demo will start. It might take a moment for the demo video to download, so be patient.
  • Enjoy

Version 2020-1

  • Reencoded video to 8bit. Reduce package size a bit.

Want to run HEVC/4K Video Demo on your Raspberry Pi?

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Compatible devices

pi-4 pi-5 pi-cm4

Offline support

Maybe This package might work offline: Package provides no offline support information. Also check the information above.