This package is considered obsolete at this point. See below to learn more on how to replace this package.


A Flickr group image viewer. This package allows you to display random images from a selected Flickr group. It will show who took the picture as well as its description. When using this visualization make sure to only display images according to the Flickr terms of use.

This visualization uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.


Display Time

How long should each image be displayed. The default is 30 seconds which should give the viewer enough time to examine each image.

Switch Time

Selects the duration of the fade to black effect that happens between media files. You can choose from a set of different durations ranging from Instantly (the is no visible effect) to 0.8 seconds.

Ken Burns effect for images

Uses the Ken Burns effect for all images displayed. Each image will slowly pan and zoom while it is displayed. The movement is chosen randomly from a predefined set.

Flickr Setup

Use the input files to enter group name or a query. Press enter or click on Search to search available groups. Select the group you want to use, then click on Save.

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Compatible devices

pi-0 pi-1 pi-2 pi-3 pi-cm1 pi-cm3

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