Oops. That didn't work.

Can't import this package

info-beamer hosted can't import the requested package. This might have different reasons:

  • The package's url wasn't provided. This might happen if this import page isn't linked with an url parameter and you have disabled sending the referrer header. This can be fixed by the owner of the page you came from by adding an explicit url parameter to the link.
  • The requested package isn't available for importing. This happens if you try to import a package that hasn't already been imported at least once by any other user. If you're the person trying to setup an importer link, be sure that you add this package to your personal info-beamer.com account. Once done, it will be available for importing by other people.
  • The importer found an error in the package. Broken packages can't be imported. If you're the package owner, please fix any errors.

What you can do now

Get in contact with support. We can figure out what happened and will help getting things running. You can also have a look at the package gallery to see what other packages are available.