info-beamer offline support


This is all still work in progress. All information on this site is subject to change. Stay tuned!

info-beamer hosted will support different modes of offline operation. Each mode is described by an offline plan. The default plan is named 'online' and is used for all newly created devices.

Switching to different plans will be supported in the future. Billing for those modes is still not yet decided but offline modes will be considered a premium feature and will be priced accordingly.

Available offline plans

All information is still subject to change.


This is the default plan and is used for the normal "mostly online" mode of operation that info-beamer offered for the last 5 years. It allows a device a limited number of offline days before the screen turns blank. Currently that limit is 7 days. The device will also start rebooting every 6 hours after 1 day of accumulated offline usage.


This plan will fully support a week of offline time. This can be used for conferences or similar installations.


This plan allows a month of offline time. This can be used for art installations or other similar setups.


This plan will allow you to run a device completely offline indefinitely. There will be upfront costs for switching to this plan as it requires an info-beamer offline license.

Hybrid online/offline mode

All plans allow a hybrid setup where a device runs offline for a while, but can be back online at any moment to fetch new content. All offline plans except for 'online' should be considered a premium and will be priced accordingly.

Offline optimizations

Some of the above plans above activate an offline optimization feature on the device. This will create redundant copies of downloaded content on the device and will allow data recovery in some corruption cases. Of course a 100% uptime cannot be guaranteed in case of severe data corruption as there might be no way for a device to recover without accessing external data.

Offline content updates

Devices in selected offline plans will allow offline updating. This works using the USB importer feature. You'll be able to select one or multiple devices in the devices list page and download a ZIP file containing all files required for offline synchronization. Extract this ZIP file into an empty USB stick and place it in an offline Pi for it to update.

Relation to info-beamer pi

Using info-beamer pi for any commercial usage requires purchasing a license. This license not only allows you to run info-beamer pi on Raspbian but also allows you to use info-beamer hosted on that same Pi with the forever plan. Similarly if you purchased an offline license and used it to run an info-beamer hosted device in the forever plan you can always decide to completely remove info-beamer hosted and switch over to info-beamer pi instead.