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info-beamer hosted 6 released

Posted Jan 16 2017 by Florian Wesch

The info-beamer hosted operating system has been updated. It offers minor updates and fixes.

Updating to the latest release

You don't have to do anything manually. Rebooting a device is sufficient to get the new update. info-beamer hosted will automatically do this for you in the next couple of weeks. Since this is a maintenance task, info-beamer hosted will honor the Maintenance window setting for each of your devices. You can change the preferred reboot time on each devices detail page in the top right corner.

New Features / Fixes

Support for a custom resolv.conf

You can now fully control the DNS settings if you need to by adding the file /config/resolv.conf to the SD card. See the documentation.

Bigger font size for the welcome screen in branded mode

Requests have been made to increase the font size on the welcome screen when using a custom branding. Some of the fonts have been hard to read on lower resolutions so their size has been doubled.

Updated info-beamer to the newest version

info-beamer pi is the core of what's running on an info-beamer hosted device and has been updated to the latest release. Expect an 0.9.7 release of info-beamer pi soon.

Updated file cache handling

A device caches all downloaded files. This includes all images/videos as well as configuration files and code that controls your content. The info-beamer hosted operating system will try to minimize the number of files to download by keeping previous files available in the cache. It also has to make sure that it deletes old files so you don't run out of space on the SD cards. The Pi doesn't have its own clock and has to fetch the current time from the network. This also means that the correct time isn't available when booting a device. Due to a bug in the syncer code this might have resulted in deleting the wrong files. But only if the SD card was completely full and the first sync needed additional space. Note that this only resulted in additional boot time as the syncer would have redownload the just deleted files. This bug is fixed now.

More stable websocket connection

In rare circumstances the device would lose connectivity with the info-beamer host. The device would still fully work but wouldn't be able to talk back. This has been fixed.

As you can see this is a rather small updated compared to the last update. Updating will be very fast as only a few MB changed in total. Please get in contact if you have any feedback or questions.


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